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Bud Ice Penguin stein produced by Albert Stahl of Rudolstadt, Germany, in a 1996 limited edition of 10,000 for Anheuser-Busch. The Bud Ice Penguin first appeared in a 1996 Super Bowl commercial for Bud Ice. Like the Budweiser Frogs, the commercial became such a hit it was made into a series of ads. Each commercial is different from one another, usually the plot would be about an adventure, mystery, or a thriller theme to it. But thriller is the theme that is most common in these ads, due to the penguin showing up out of nowhere and scaring the day lights out of those who have a bottle of Bud Ice. The bird's main objective in all of the commercials is to get a bottle of Bud Ice without ever paying for his own. His head is hinged to open for pouring in or out the beer. A pilar of ice forms the handle of the stein.

Bud Ice Penguin stein - Albert Stahl of Rudolstadt, Germany, 1996

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